Our expertise


Aximum helps to improve the living environment and the quality of travel by offering customised solutions that enhance the value of sites and make them safer.

Site marking

Our experienced teams and technical resources provide our customers with high-quality support in securing their worksites, whatever the type of work and the environment involved, to ensure the protection of users and contractors alike.

Road restraint systems and crash cushions

By absorbing the impact of vehicles, this equipment reduces the severity of accidents and avoids more violent impacts against side or front obstacles.

Concrete infrastructure and protection screens

Aximum’s high-performance equipment and specialised teams produce concrete pavements, as well as ancillary drainage and road development equipment.

Vertical signage and route signing

Whether you need to supply or install signage, Aximum can help you supply your projects with police signs, directional panels and route signing solutions, with solutions tailored to each route, from greenways to motorways.

Horizontal signage

Whether you need products from our Aximum Industrie and Veluvine factories or turnkey road markings, we can help you choose the best solutions using the most environmentally friendly techniques.

Road lining equipment

Aximum designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of equipment for the application of road marking products, and is your partner of reference for servicing and maintaining your equipment.

Traffic lights and traffic regulation

Whether you need to supply traffic light equipment, control software solutions or a turnkey installation, programming and maintenance service, Aximum brings you its expertise thanks to innovative solutions and specialised teams based in the regions.

Mobile illuminated signs

Aximum designs and manufactures a complete range of towed and on-board illuminated sign equipment. They can be used to alert users to events on the lanes and protect workers during roadworks or emergency interventions.

Access control and video surveillance

Aximum manufactures, installs and maintains turnkey solutions for securing and supervising access to lanes or public and private sites. The innovative technologies used optimise operational management and supervision, including in multi-site configurations.

Data collection

Aximum and its subsidiaries Technologies Nouvelles and Parkki use a variety of technical solutions to provide accurate traffic data for both public roads and private sites in order to optimise traffic conditions and the implementation of travel policies.

Research and engineering

Our experts in pavement engineering, road assets and mobility support infrastructure managers in optimising their assets, traffic conditions and the study of new mobility solutions that meet the challenges of each region.

Industrial services

Thanks to its expertise in highly specific fields, Aximum supports manufacturers right from the design phase and produces turnkey or customised solutions that meet the requirements of their markets.