A comprehensive solution for safe pedestrian crossings

Colas presents Flowell for interactive, illuminated crosswalks

The challenges of the Flowell pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian crossings limit, but do not prevent, risks. In 2021, almost half of all fatal accidents involving a pedestrian took place 50 m or less from a pedestrian crossing. These crossings are often near intersections or places frequented by pedestrians: schools, stations, shops, etc. Securing the safety of these sensitive areas remains a critical urban issue.

Flowell is an innovative interactive marking solution that enhances user safety at pedestrian crossings. It is particularly recommended for sensitive areas, frequented by vulnerable users such as children or senior citizens, or areas at high risk of accident, such as town entrances and exits, or multimodal transit hubs.

Benefits of the solution

Flowell improves the visibility and clarity of markings in all weather. At night and on overcast days, the LEDs light up to give maximum visibility for the pedestrian crossing. Flowell is also highly visible during the day, thanks to the contrast between the black panel when switched off and the powerful luminous flux of the LED when switched on. 

The solution ensures that pedestrian priority is respected and that the city is more accessible, particularly for the most vulnerable sections of the population, who have a better understanding of their environment.

Flowell is helping to ensure that different modes of mobility coexist more effectively in towns and cities by improving compliance with road markings and signs.

"Flowell améliore la visibilité ainsi que la lisibilité du marquage quelles que soient les conditions climatiques. La nuit et par temps couvert, les LED qui s’allument apportent une visibilité maximale du passage piéton. La journée, Flowell est également très visible grâce au contraste apporté entre la dalle de couleur noire lorsque éteinte et la puissance du flux lumineux de la LED lorsque allumée.   La solution permet un meilleur respect de la priorité piétonne et une meilleure accessibilité de la ville.
Détection de piétons lors de la traversée et allumage des dalles Flowell

Pedestrian pack with presence detection - approved by French authorities

The system consists of LED slabs fixed to the pavement and connected to a control system (triggered by presence detection). This innovative surfacing retains the high levels of adhesion of a conventional surface course and road markings, and is suitable for use in road traffic.

Flowell slabs are positioned at the ends of pedestrian crossing lanes, and at the pedestrian crossing line of effect. Presence sensors are installed to control LED lighting.

If there are no pedestrians in the area, the Flowell slabs are switched off, the device is not visible and does not show a message on the road. When a pedestrian is detected, the Flowell slabs light up to make crossing safer.

The Flowell pedestrian pack based on presence detection is the first dynamic road marking solution to be approved by the French authorities.

A turnkey pedestrian crossing safety solution

  • Feasibility study and engineering
  • Supply and installation of Flowell active marking slabs and electrical equipment
  • Supply and installation of signage signs
  • Supply, installation and adjustment of presence detection sensors
  • Electrical conformity check and system commissioning
Détection de piétons lors de la traversée et allumage des dalles Flowell
Dalles Flowell

Quick and easy to install

The Flowell solution can be deployed without any major civil engineering work, and the site can be completed in 3 working days
Installation is simple: the slabs are bonded to the pavement, with an inlay option available on request.
Regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the system, the Flowell installations must undergo an annual check of the interactive marking on the ground and the electrical installations to ensure user safety and the correct operation of the equipment